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Journey from PHP to Ruby

Learning anything new has always been an uphill task. A good example is trying to learn a new language like Spanish if you are a Swahili speaking native. I don’t know Spanish so I won’t say much about it but what i gathered is that communication in spanish is 98% similar to that in Swahili with little differences in things like gender specificity. The huge difference comes in how they structure the wordings. Same thing to programming languages.

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Database modelling and ERDs

Data is perhaps the most important part of any software system; And it lives in a database. A database can be defined as a system in which data is stored in an organized format to allow analysis, easy-access, manipulation and, if necessary, augmentation. In order to come up with a database system that meets all the needs of a system, software developers take on a process commonly referred to as database modelling. This process involves defining and analysing a system’s data requirements, determining what information is needed and how it will be organized or accessed and ultimately coming up with a visual architecture of the intended database for development.

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Setting Up Rails TDD

The process of writing tests can be nerve-racking especially if you have to write them as you write code(TDD). I, however, bring with me the good news. There are tools that can greatly improve your test writing experience. These tools form a foundation on which your tests and ultimately code is built on, improving the experience you will have writing, reading, refactoring and debugging them. This post will take you through a basic yet powerful setup, that incorporates an interesting set of tools, to get you up and running the TDD way.

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Kenya Payments Integration Survey

The Stack overflow developer survey results came out recently to tell an interesting story. Ever wonder what the kenyan story looks like? We recently ran a survey within the developer community in Kenya, with the aim of understanding the state of the payment integrations ecosystem. We wanted to find out the pains(and joys) that developers go through while integrating payments in Kenya. We are happy to finally release the survey results back to the community to hopefully help move us all a step forward.

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User journey maps

Among the many tasks involved in discovery phase is user journey mapping. This tends to answer the question “how will your product’s user achieve the core goals of your product”. In this piece, we will get to understand what user journey mapping means, why it’s important to do, how it’s done and sampling of the best user flow design tools highly recommended by UX designers.

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