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Open API / Swagger: The missing link

We recently examined APIs, where we got into what APIs are, how to build effective, efficient and usable APIs and also looked into the various tools one can use in the API lifecycle. In this post, we would like to focus on Swagger / Open API, a tool that has been adopted greatly by developers across the globe.

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Rails on Docker

Rails and Docker are important components in the development processes at Zegetech. Rails is our chosen platform for most of what we build, and docker provides pain-free environment management both for development and in production. We have previously covered these two technologies separately, and this post covers the sweet spot at their intersection. We will take you through the process of configuring a rails development environment on docker, and configure a postgresql database for it.

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Product Development - Scoping

Ideas come and go every day. We reach out to our friends, colleagues, expert networks and even family to help with moulding. Most often the ideas appear clear in our minds and when we try to communicate them to others, we aren’t too sure if they get through. We always make assumptions about their understanding of our ideas all the while wondering whether they are thinking the way we are? Are they seeing the world through our eyes? Scoping helps get everyone seeing the same, leaving no chances of misalignment.

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He who is brave is free

We got to go through cellulant’s payment gateway and wanted to write about it. Why does it get its own blog post you might ask. Well… because we want to honor the team that gave us this product, the #brave6. Around the time of the research, Kariuki our CEO had been having conversation with Ken (Cellulant CEO) as well as Ashford (Head of products) as we did the research on the Kenya payment gateway ecosystem that was launched on the 14th of January 2019, a day before the Riverside terror attack. We had then agreed to take things forward and review their product. That go ahead came barely 2 hours before the terror attack descended on Riverside.

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Agile Product Development

What comes to your mind when you come across the word agile? I’m sure you’d have an answer at the blink of an eye. Agile software development has been around for over a decade now, driving people away from the traditional software development process that plainly used to ship software but not products. But what about product development? At Zegetech, we have devised a framework that answers this question and ensures that we get shipping, fast! Take a journey through the process as we share Zegetech’s new results-proven and definitely interesting product development process.

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