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Run . Inspire . Shatter . Everything . We RISE to the occasion. Every Zegetan must push their own limits in order to build a better world and RISE
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Our Developers and designers are among the top 2% of talent in the region. We boast of great experience in the fintech sector and have long relationships with the key players. Though we may span the globe, our hearts belong in Africa. Spending time at the Maasai Mara or by the beach in Malindi is how we love to relax and some times the best ideas are born.


Kariuki Gathitu

"be intentional"

FullStack Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Understands financial markets and product design having worked with banks, MFIs, Startups, Telcos and SMEs to build consumer and enterprise products. Gives talks across Africa on youth and enteprenuership. He loves African cuisine.

Stella Njoki

"never arrive"

Among World Banks' global 50 top women in tech. Financial analyst and extremely savvy on money matters. Enjoys mentoring and helping others bloom. Has experience in financial services, real estate and money markets. Is a peoples person and enjoys the culinary arts and farming

Agile Teams

We work with full-term hires as well as associates in the various teams across different projects. We provide highly qualified expertise for each of our projects at every step of the development cycle, matching our talent to specific project needs.


Management . Reporting . Evaluation

Our project managers ensure communication and engagement with all stakeholders is timely and efficient. They drive the success of every project they oversee to deliver on time and in budget


UX . Modelling . Content . QA

We work within the market to find new solutions, understand business models and interact with users to ensure our products solves the challenges set out, finding a market fit


UI . Frontend . Graphics . Brand

Implementing a customer journey is a critical role within the product development cycle. We love to WOW! Through wireframing, mockups and design, we make products that are simple and intuitive


Backend . API . Infrastructure

We build the product foundations, from which all others derive. We are obsessed with speed, performance and security. We love new technologies and big data. We breathe APIs, databases and servers


Sales . Marketing . Support . Training

Customer Development is everything. We provide hands on support throughout the project catering to each stakeholders. We give support to strengthen their use and optimisation of our products in their lives.

Dream of using technology to make a difference?

Ideas are easy, execution is hard. We love what we do and are constantly looking for others like us who want to bring ideas to life with passion, resilience, creativity and innovation.

Do you want to impact millions across Africa through technology? If so, then you are in good company. We work with the best, top 2% talent in the region and strongly believe in the swahili proverb, "Kizuri Chajiuza, Kibaya Chajitembeza" - "A good thing sells itself, a bad thing hawks itself"

If you would love to join our team and become a Zegetan, please email your CV and linkedin profile to talent[at]zegetech[dot]com or follow the link below.

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We love working with other teams, companies and agencies. Collaboration and partnership is central to our business. We understand that sometimes, combining efforts may achieve better results. If you share our passion for excellence and love for Africa, then we'd love to sit down and chat.

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