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Developers Thrive In the Midst Of Covid-19

We live in such an interesting time. More than ever the whole world beats as one due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. From the majority of people working from home, to parents becoming the teachers, to lock downs of countries’ borders. We have all been made to be still. The situation is also not different for software developers. While some freelance developers work from home, the majority of developers working for companies have also joined the bandwagon.

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Amazing Bash aliases and Functions

Writing the same long command can be quite tiresome when working in the Unix/Linux/MacOs terminal. Especially to those of us who need to do it time and again. Shortcuts are great. You get there, but way faster than the long route. And same with these bash commands. You can increase your speed in terminal usage and preserve your brain cells by keeping in mind simplified, alternative, shortcut commands. Bash aliases make this possible, increasing your workflows speed and ease while using terminal.

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Search the Static

We built our website on Jekyll. Jekyll is great for developers and we love it. The blog posts we release have become a big source of reference for many in the team. As the number of posts grow, referring back to a post meant scrolling through the pages to get the posts. Not a very good experience. We needed a search. Static site generator(SSG) such as Jekyll, Gatsby,Gridsome and Hugo are a great tool to build static websites. They make it easy to build and deploy sites with Zero or extremely low costs. However, search is one of the features not supported out of the box.

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Unveiling MPESA Daraja 2.0

MPESA has just unveiled their new API, Daraja 2.0. It has been hailed as the height of developer heaven with its crisp clear structure, solid security and great syntax. Simply put, It’s BEAUTIFUL….. Same reliability of G2 SOAP API, accessibility of Daraja 1.0, simplicity of Stripe API and Security of Visa! Bravo!!!

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JSON:API - REST from the Chaos

If you’re a developer you’ve probably consumed or built more than one API. It is also probable that any two of those APIs differed considerably in how their requests and responses are structured. But what if they were not? What if you could have a consistent and instantly recognizable structure? Well, with JSON:API, you can.

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