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Our approach involves working with you to understand the vision for your ideas in order to build well-placed and thought out products through a well-defined process from idea to launch

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Idea . Scope . Discovery . Design . Develop . Pilot . Launch . Grow . PROFIT!
We develop products from idea to launch. We use agile principles in taking the idea through sprints, building prototypes and running proof-of-concepts, deploying to staging environments for piloting within record time and thereafter go on to launch. We then provide support, training and consultancy to the technology and business teams. We help you innovate by working with you to build bold innovative products that can plug into your business to harness new opportunities and expand your horizons.

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Agile principles ensures flexiblity and adaptability to project changes. We build with scalability and high performance in mind. Product quality is important, thus the need for quality-driven development and testing.


We love a good night sleep. No code goes untested. Peer review ensures that code is satisfactory. We use git-flow feature branch cycles for code. Automated testing and continous delivery to keep things maintainable.


We believe that transparency and communication are key to building good software. You get full access to our PM tool Asana and others like Trello. Get end-of-week reports and set priority for following week.


We have deep roots in the technology market. We care deeply about the success of our projects and we will be with you long after the project is done. Any project transition to inhouse or outsourced teams is smooth


We ship your product fast and early using the agile workflow. Coding quickly while maintaining high quality. We use the cloud for rapid deployment on AWS, Digital Ocean and others. You get to market early


The first month of collaboration is trial. You can terminate if unhappy with the relationship for any reason. We keep business confidential and are happy to sign an NDA. The code created belongs to you.


We choose Ruby on Rails and Angular. We build USSD apps and APIs. We have vast experience integrating to external services like Mailchimp, Social platforms, Bank system and payment gateways


Working with banks and fintech startups has helped us gain sufficient experience to build apps with state-of-the-art security standards, backup and recovery. And in case of an emergency, you can always reach us.

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