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We are a full-stack team of developers and designers based in Nairobi and working all over Africa. We use a state-of-the-art technology stack to build mobile and desktop web applications. Fast!
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Skilled team

Our developers and designers rank in the top 2% of talent in the region. We aim to build beautiful products

Agile approach

From idea to launch, we take a systematic approach to problem solving for quick results and pragmatic delivery

High quality code

No code goes untested. Code reviews ensure that both our teams and clients can sleep easy without worry

No overheads

We are lean in delivering products with simple, minimal design and optimised resources. No bloat, no waste

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I am always searching for the companies that can deliver the "tech" in FinTech... and Zegetech delivered

William Keliehor
New York, USA
FinTech Advisory and Investor

I love the zegetech team for their knowledge and expertise in payments and financial technology. The way they turned our ideas and input into a product was exceptional.

James Vancel
Nairobi, Kenya
MD Busara Center

Zegetech is absolutely ambitious in their product scope. They work hard throughout their execution to deliver on their promise.

Nicole Van Der Tuin
New York, USA
CEO FirstAccess

Good developers in the region are dime a dozen. I was happy to find, not just good but great software development from Zegetech. Rest assured, Zegetech delivers. Period!

Hilda Moraa
Nairobi, Kenya
CEO Pezesha

Who we have worked with

Payment Solutions / SaaS / Mobile apps / Marketing sites / Internal apps

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We are only a phone call away   +254-705-504211

In The News

Kariuki Gathitu on Laptop

Kariuki on The Founder

Kariuki Gathitu is the founder and lead system architect and software developer at Zege Technologies, an IT company that primarily builds software for mobile payments. He developed M-PAYER, a mobile payment management system that has been widely recognised locally and globally, and was also largely involved in the development of M-KESHO in 2010.


#StackOff2017 Report

According to the Stack Off Kenya 2017 report on the latest trends in software development, 40% of developers in Kenya are self-taught while 43% have had formal training. Find out what it takes to become a world class developer and which tools are trending and more relevant for todays developers needs.