Developers Thrive In the Midst Of Covid-19


We live in such an interesting time. More than ever the whole world beats as one due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. From the majority of people working from home, to parents becoming the teachers, to lock downs of countries’ borders. We have all been made to be still. The situation is also not different for software developers. While some freelance developers work from home, the majority of developers working for companies have also joined the bandwagon.

With uncertain times ahead for many businesses, many software development projects might stall, some companies might consider downsizing . The situation is uncertain for most but through all this how can software developers thrive. I once read a quote that says “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”This is a challenge to developers to rise up to the occasion and the circumstances. Here are a few suggestions as to how developers can thrive through this uncertain time.

1. Create a solution

There isn’t a better time for developers to thrive than when encountered with a problem. There’s no doubt we need solutions more than ever. It could be a good opportunity to use your skills to build something that addresses a common problem, to people who are forced to stay at home, or a symptom tracker for individuals. You can create anything and during this crisis provide a solution that can address a need now, as well as when the pandemic is over.

2. Provide suggestions to your employer

Think of alternative ways the business can serve and survive within uncertainty. You might be surprised most business owners and business leaders are looking for alternatives on how they will survive through this season. Once the crisis is over your boss might thank you and you might have saved your job as well as those of others.

3. Catch up on a course to help you up your skills

While the whole world is on downtime you can focus to grow your skill in a programming language, learn about AI which is the future. The possibilities are endless. By the time you are out of this, you will have got some new valuable skills that make you marketable to get projects, get a promotion or a job.

4. Focus on your health

As they say health is wealth and during this time in quarantine, it could be a great time for you as a developer to focus on your health and build up on your healthy habits and routines. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This Could be a great time to work on getting fit through exercise, drinking more water and taking fruits and vegetables. You can put some effort on this vessel called your body during this time to look your best by the time quarantine is over :)

5. Meditate

Find inner strength and peace by tapping into meditation. Through all the uncertainty and news of corona cases, you can take this time to learn to meditate even for 10 minutes a day and tap into inner peace and power to take you through this time.

6. Grow spiritually

When most of the things going on cannot be understood you can use this time to connect to the one above for guidance. This could be through praying, reading a spiritual book such as the bible and the Koran. You can thrive spiritually.

7. Connect with meaningful relationships

Developers can have a way of being introverted and just want to connect with their code and shut their world. However, relationships with people that we care about are a great part of life. This could be a great time to challenge yourself to connect and check in on at least five people everyday. It could be family, your friends or co-workers. People that you have postponed to call for a while. You’ll feel better and your relationships with others will THRIVE.

8. Learn to be financially sound

This is a great opportunity to check into your finances and you can challenge yourself to save more like for example reduce online spending, create yourself a budget and an investment plan. Speaking of investment plan, it’s a good time to learn more about the stock market, money market funds, balanced funds. All this could help you with planning for growth in your finances.

Those are just a few ideas that as a developer you can implement immediately to thrive during this Covid 19. I just started a challenge to help get through at least 14 days with the above habits to thrive through this season. I hope that you can also join the bandwagon and together let’s overcome and thrive through this Corona season.

Wishing you health and safety through this season.

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