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Integrating payments in Kenya, What's the fuss!

With the rise in use of mobile payment in Kenya, businesses are scrambling to put their houses in order just to keep up with the fast technological pace and the adaption of online payments by Kenyans. Kenyans at large are really interested in the outcome - an easy payment interface that hides the complex processes of integration. This process is largely a developer’s task. And this is a developer’s journey in analysing Kenyan online payment gateways and their ease of integration.

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Deep Dive into building APIs

(Updated 6th May 2019) APIs are becoming the mainstream way of exposing services to the world and it’s known that using a well-designed API is extremely rewarding, while using a poorly-designed API can be very infuriating. However, when we ourselves strive to build the best-designed APIs possible, we tend to trip up a bit. What aspects of an API should be considered in order to come up with a well designed API? What are the available tools to facilitate the API development process? Wait what is an API?

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Deploying a production ready monolithic rails application

So, you finally have your app in a state that you aren’t too embarrassed to show off. How do you open it up to the world? How do you manage the influx of users? How will you keep it safe from the dangerous internets? These are questions we face every time we work on a new product. This post explores one of the ways to deploy your shiny new rails application and the common tooling behind it.

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Setting Up Your Environment for Jekyll

You’ve probably heard of Jekyll before or this is the very first time you getting to hear it. Whichever the case, today we’re going to dive into the prerequisites of getting started with Jekyll. This is a step by step ultimate guide to setting up your environment.

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The cloud, precipitating the new age

You’ve probably heard about it. There’s a high chance you have used it. There’s a higher chance you will be using it in the future. The cloud. The cloud is one of those things everyone sort of knows but somehow cannot clearly define. What is the cloud? Who made the cloud? Where is the cloud? How does it work? What is cloud computing? And what happens when it rains? Yes these are just some of the questions that this blog intends to answer in a bid to demystify the mystery that is the cloud.

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