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21 Jul The CodeBenders

Codebending is the fifth elemental art of bending, specifically, the psychokinetic ability to control and manipulate behavior of machines. The peaceful Zege Clan utilize this type of bending in their everyday lives.
Code is the element of innovation and invention. The Zege clan detached themselves from worldly problems and concerns; finding peace and freedom was the key to solve their flaws in life. Codebenders continually seek for technological enlightenment, and, as a result, all children born into the Zege Clan were innovators. The first codebenders learned their art from the Matrix.
The key to codebending is flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance though unconventional thought. Codebending is notable for being almost entirely innovative, as well as the most dynamic of all bending arts. Codebenders can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal; however, due to the pacifist nature of the Zege Clan, such attacks are rarely used. Codebenders seek to create a better balance of life through technology

If you think you are THE ONE, we summon you for your destiny. If you think you know THE ONE, their destiny awaits them !


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