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08 Jul Dear Entrepreneur, Mpayer is your Friend

Dear Entrepreneur,
I have watched you, burn the midnight oil lost deep in thought wondering whether a brighter tomorrow exists. I have watched you draw up plans and strategies to grow your enterprise. I have listened in keenly to your conversations. How animatedly you described where you want to go! I have watched you count your losses and refuse to give up. You believe that someday, you will get to the Promised Land where you could swim in milk and honey, they say.

I am aware of your grand ambitions. How badly you want to see your business grow. I know that in your dreams you dance when you see your enterprise grow into branches all over Kenya. Sadly, you wake up in a cold sweat whenever you see the reality on the ground. Your employees are dishonest. Your clients may be overcharged and your records are probably not up to date. You would like to engage your clients and tell them what you have to offer. You would like to appreciate them for their support but you wouldn’t know how because you do not know them.

I know you want to play with the big boys. But they have a lot going for them. They have the resources to invest in expensive systems that make their businesses efficient. What if I told you that I could make it happen?
I can help you access a paybill at an affordable price. Moreover, I could manage it for you then you could let go of paper records. We can build your customer database automatically and track that loyal client and the payments that they have made. In fact, together we can send customized bulk messages to your clients. How many of them would you like to reach? 100? 1000?

With me you can have smart billing, account focused and client focused payments. There will be no more confusion in payments made either through mobile money or cash. You can send notifications of payments received and get statements of all the transactions done. In real time.
We can monitor payments made in different departments and branches in your enterprise. You will adhere to accounting best practice.

At last!

An app that enables a business to connect to its customers and monitor consumer behavior through intelligence. With me, you can identify what specific customers like to purchase in your shop. I have revolutionized how business is done. I share in your dream of efficiency and growth. Together we could scale those heights that look impossible. When you get a pass into the big boys’ league, I will be there to cheer you on.

Say hello to a mobile payment system that improves efficiency for your business. Going green has never been easier and you can watch your business rise. Just like that!



Sign up today on www.mpayer.co.ke and Watch your Business Rise!

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  1. moses khisa says:

    This is cool!!

  2. Ajani Olumide Faith says:

    this is cool

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