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30 Aug What’s the Problem?

Ever had a dream that made you so excited that you wanted to quit your job? It kept you awake all night. For a while, it was all you could think about and talk about. Then you started doing it part time. Whenever you saw someone who had made it being interviewed on the media, [...]

22 Jul Your Questions Answered

1. What is MPAYER? MPAYER is a web and mobile based application which enables organizations to aggregate, manage and integrate cross-network mobile payment data into their finance systems 2. How does MPAYER work? MPAYER is Fast, Easy and………with MPAYER you can: • Allow your business to accept payments through a paybill account, while monitoring payments [...]

08 Jul Dear Entrepreneur, Mpayer is your Friend


Dear Entrepreneur, I have watched you, burn the midnight oil lost deep in thought wondering whether a brighter tomorrow exists. I have watched you draw up plans and strategies to grow your enterprise. I have listened in keenly to your conversations. How animatedly you described where you want to go! I have watched you count [...]

21 Jul The CodeBenders

Codebending is the fifth elemental art of bending, specifically, the psychokinetic ability to control and manipulate behavior of machines. The peaceful Zege Clan utilize this type of bending in their everyday lives. Code is the element of innovation and invention. The Zege clan detached themselves from worldly problems and concerns; finding peace and freedom was [...]